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and on a journey through a bygone world of advertising.

Adertising trademarks emerged in the late 19th Century. They evolved from the authorities and security marks. And transferred slowly as decorative seals on private correspondence.
Some companies quickly realized the collective value of these brands. And this simple, almost austere brand advertising turned into small works of art. From the initial security marks were in the truest sense of the word advertising brands and thus coveted collectibles. They were the small form of poster art.

The fascinating thing about the advertising brands is the enormous diversity. It comes from the huge number of its users from all industries. Between 1910 and 1914 increased the motifs so rapidly that over Germany came on a true collecting mania. Mostly children carried into the brands in the families. Large firms and department stores commissioned famous artists to design their brands. Ludwig Hohlwein, Ernst German, Julius Klinger Lucian Bernhard or be mentioned as examples here. With the start of World War I ended that era. Many decades remained forgotten. Today, more and more collectors enjoy this small but fine advertisers.

Who wants to know more about this subject collection, to which I attach the detailed catalogs by Charles Kiddle (of cars, on bicycles, photography to the most popular artists of that time as Louis Hohlwein, Kurt Cooper and many others) suggests. They show the whole fascinating range of these small works of art. Available from this shop in the category of literature ...

Please note: Each shop article was unique. That is, most items are available only once. Please do not order more than once the article. In addition, there may be some overlap in the orders. It then decides the order.

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