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Quality Guarantee
All advertising brands that are offered here on www.reklamemarken.biz are high quality collectibles. And are almost predominantly from the flower period between 1910 and 1914. There is a high quality standard that we provide to the brands. So here also special quality standards are in the condition comments for each individual item:

- Very Good (brand is in top shape, usually with original on the back)
- Well (brand is in very good condition, but without the topping and possibly with a missing tooth)
- Satisfactory (stamp has a small insignificant error, but it is still recommended and absolutely collectible)
- is sufficient (brand has an obvious error, such as discoloration, slight kink, abrasion on the front, etc.)
- Poor (brand has a larger error, it will only be offered rare stamps with this deficiency, they are also correspondingly reduced price)
- Lack (marks are no longer collectible, but also no longer offered here)

Conditions of Use
1. Scope
The following General Conditions apply exclusively to the business relationship between the supplier and Günter Mairhörmann (reklamemarken.net) www.reklamemarken.net on Internetsetie. Basic is the version that was used by reklamemarken.net the time of order.
2. Contract, delivery
The offer of reklamemarken.net is subject to change.
A supply constraint does not exist. They are ordered by the order is in the online process, or by e-mail. The order is accepted generally by an order confirmation. There is no minimum order size.
Retention of title
Until the complete settlement of all claims will remain the property of the goods ordered reklamemarken.net.
4. Prices, Payment, Shipping
The purchase price is payable with the contract. The payment is subject to the following provisions in advance or on account. In individual cases, we supply only after receipt of payment (advance payment). The requirement will be fulfilled only if the amount is the account of Günter Mairhörmann (reklamemarken.net) gutgschrieben. The prices are associated with the offers and in EURO and include after the test phase, the statutory value added tax from 7% for native documents and graphics. Payments from abroad must be made through Paypal (if inside or outside the EU) or alternatively through Paypal, the new EU transfer forms with BIC and IBAN number.
(If within the EU).
5. Shipping costs
The shipping costs are paid by the purchaser additionally. The shipping cost for each item € 0.80 for shipping. Detailed information about deliveries abroad can be found in the groups of countries.
6. Delivery times
The goods are brought within five days of receipt of the order and payment in advance at least three days after receipt of your payment amount for shipping.
7. Defects Liability
The statutory provisions, but with the restriction that barred for used items for the claims of the buyer within one year after receipt of the goods. In addition, the article sometimes have to use-related wear. These are however considered in the pricing. They therefore no longer represent defects

Warranty claims must be made to:
Günter Mairhörmann, reklamemarken.net, Münchner Str 6a, 82291 Mammendorf, Germany


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